Ultimate Meal Plan Guide

To begin, there are 3 key takeaways that you must understand after reading this:

  1. Staying within your calories
  2. Aim to eat protein
  3. Aim to eat 5 smaller meals a day

Staying within your calories

This one is easy! Based on your answers you have provided us in the survey, we were able to calculate calorie requirements that are needed in order to attain your goal. Eating the recommended meals we provided you will result in staying within your calorie range. There is always room to adapt, so if you find something healthy within a similar calorie range, go for it!!


Aim to eat protein

The next key takeaway is eating a lot of protein! Once again, we did the calculations for you so all you need to do is follow the meal plan, but the goal is to eat 1g of protein per 1lb of body weight. This will accelerate the process of building lean muscle which leads to speeding up your metabolism, which results in losing more weight. If you ever ask yourself when is the best time to drink a protein shake, the answer is always! Protein shakes are my favorite snack!


Aim to eat 5 smaller meals a day

The final takeaway is to eat smaller meals more frequently. The goal here is to always eat until you’re 80% full and at every 2-3h interval. By constantly eating, this will speed up your metabolism. This, in the end, will lead to burning more calories at rest, hence, losing weight without even trying!!!