Top 5 Back Exercises

Back muscles are one of the most important to build since they contribute a lot to your health and strength. Someone with a strong back usually has better posture and their back is more resilient. However, they probably didn’t get a strong back by accident. Here are the five best exercises to build your back.


If you look up how to build a bigger back, the deadlift should come up in the top three. They are excellent for building thick lats, traps, and mid-back as well as your forearms and glutes. Although they are considered a strength-building exercise, they’re great for building muscle as well and will help you get a sturdier back.


You can’t go wrong with pull-ups on your back day. They work every part of your back as well as your biceps and forearms. Although they have some technical elements, you can build your way into pull-ups.

Barbell rows:

Another excellent back builder is rows with a barbell. They help thicken the back and build more muscle around the upper back area. Moreover, they also help you build core strength and stability in your lower back.

Single-arm rows:

It could be hard to focus on one part of the back at a time

which is why doing rows with one arm at a time is a good idea. They’re great for dealing with the lack of symmetry in your back and they can help you focus more on a single part of your back better than if you do rows with a barbell.

Cable rows:

One of the downsides of using a barbell is the fact that they can take a lot out of you since they require so much stability. Cable rows are great since you do not need as much stability and you can just focus on contracting the muscle.